Letter From the PfS Board President – December 2019

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Thank you for your help following the Fuego volcano eruption!

Dear Donors,

As you may recall, Partner for Surgery made a special appeal for funds to support burn victims when the Fuego volcano erupted near Antigua in June of 2018. Donations were used for patient travel and other expenses for the numerous trips to the Guatemala City burn clinic where patients received care for over a year. Support was generous and with the remaining funds we were able to purchase some of the very expensive compressive wrap necessary to keep skin grafts in place. The cloth finally arrived from an Asian supplier in October and volunteer surgeon Lourdes Santizo and the hospital staff were very appreciative.

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Partner for Surgery Develops and Maintains Relations Within Rural Communities

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Our Health Promoters are one of our strongest resources

Partner for Surgery has over 15 part-time rural Health Promoters who live in the communities they serve. These men and women publicize upcoming Medical Missions and help locate patients in need of life changing surgery.  They monitor babies in the Cleft Infant Nutrition Program, as well as escort patients to the hospital and stay with them until they are ready to go home. If problems develop, patients know the Health Promoters can be called upon for reassurance and assistance. The two examples featured this month illustrate how important Health Promoters are, not only to the people they serve, but to the success of PfS. Read More

Ana Lucrecia’s Story

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Ana Lucrecia, born with a cleft lip and palate, was 6 months old in May. She is the fifth child of a day laborer earning two dollars a day to support his entire family, which lives outside the village of Chisec in a rented house that does not have electricity or water. Ana’s two older brothers attend school, which further stretches the family’s finances. They are the kind of typical rural family we at Partner for Surgery assist with surgical care. Read More

Catalina’s Story

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Catalina Ixcopal, shown with mission nurses Arabelle Reed and Gillian Manchip

Catalina Ixcopal, center, with PfS mission nurses Arabelle Reed and Gillian Manchip


Catalina Ixcopal is a Partner for Surgery patient whose efforts to get medical care are, unfortunately, typical of the 1,000 individuals we will serve in 2019. Eight years ago, Ixcopal noticed a mass growing on her shoulder. After two more years, it was creating significant discomfort. She worried it was malignant. Catalina went to the National Hospital and was told they could not help her. Read More

Fulfilling an unmet need

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Sharon Shealy (pictured on the right) is a long-time PfS volunteer who accompanied a recent mobile medical mission. While there, she met with a woman named Aurora who had been seen by a government screening program and was told the hospital was not performing the procedure.

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