Your donation today will immediately improve lives .

With the support of people like you, Partner for Surgery (PfS) has helped over 11,000 of Guatemala’s most isolated and impoverished people to receive access to surgery. With your support, we can help thousands more!

Why should you help someone you’ve never met?  Because you can…

This is what your gift to Partner for Surgery can do:

  • $25 will provide one breast pump and nursing bottle to a new mother
  • $35 will supply one month of life saving nutrition to a cleft infant
  • $50 will provide 10 midwives with training on how to care for cleft infants
  • $100 will screen 10 women for cervical cancer
  • $200 will cover the cost of surgery to repair a cleft lip or palate
  • $250 will cover the cost of surgery to repair a hernia
  • $350 will supply all necessary nutrition to a cleft infant prior to surgery
  • $750 will nourish a cleft infant for 10 months and cover the cost of 2 surgeries to repair defects
  • $2,500 will provide logistic support for one rural medical mission

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