A happy encounter 13 years later

By March 10, 2018Stories

Most of our patients have surgical needs common throughout the world. However, in rural Guatemala problems are seen that should have been addressed when the problem was first noticed but by waiting, the problem has become a major issue.

On June 2016 Frank Peterson was approached by a woman who immediately remembered him from 13 years ago. As soon as she showed him her feet, he remembered her, Alicia. She had come to us barely able to walk because of two club feet. As a teenager, she had few prospects for a life outside the family home – but now she is married with two children and her smile reflects how that surgical repair 13 years ago changed her life. For Frank, that was the highlight of the week and once again reminded him of the importance of the work of Partner for Surgery.

We accomplish our mission with local Guatemalans, volunteer medical professionals and the support of donors such as you. We ask that you please continue to help us so we can continue to help others like Alicia.  The work goes on – to date, our organization has given the opportunity for surgery to over 11,000 rural, impoverished Guatemalans and the need is there to provide life changing help to many more.