Our Cause

Partner for Surgery serves with the goal to improve health, empower communities, and overcome barriers. We are on the front lines of medical and surgical care in rural Guatemala focusing on bringing quality health care and surgical solutions to where most impoverished Guatemalans live. Our service model allows us to bridge language, distance, and cultural barriers. And our health promoters, staff, volunteers, and donors all partner to ensure our programs secure the solution each patient needs, from the time we meet them in their communities until we return home with them after surgery.

2023 Highlights

Mobile Medical Missions

1,616 Evaluated patients
1,020 Patients identified for surgery

Screening Clinics for Women

1,702 VIA tests

86 Women treated with Thermocoagulation

Surgical Missions

1,144 surgeries

Cleft Infant Nutrition Program

220 Children enrolled
1381 Home wellness visits by Health Promoters


How you can help

Through our programs, tens of thousands of
Guatemalan men, women, and children have
received medical attention and health
education. This is only possible thanks to the
generosity of our donors and volunteers.
Every bit counts for our patients!

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