Become a direct sponsor of a child
in need of cleft lip and/or palate surgery.

See program details below.

Make a one-time donationMake monthly donations

Become a Guardian Angel

When you sponsor a child in need, you receive the following:

  • Background information about your sponsored child
  • Regular progress reports
  • Messages and photos about your sponsored child
  • Pictures from the life-changing surgery
  • A final update after recovery
Make a one-time donation

With a one-time donation of $1,000, you’ll be providing full sponsorship of a child from inscription into the nutrition program through surgery.

If you would like friends or co-sponsors to receive updates on your sponsored child, you will be able to enter their emails once you have made your donation.

At the end of the program, you’ll have the option to sponsor another child.

Make monthly donations

Monthly donations allow you to make smaller payments while making a significant impact. Two options are available in the program:

  • Monthly donations of $100 will allow you to make smaller contributions for one year while making an impact on a child’s life

Once the child reaches the end of the program, a new child will be automatically assigned to you.

Without cleft lip and/or palate surgery, a child born in rural Guatemala may not survive and, at a minimum, will experience significant malnutrition, speech impairment, and a lifetime of ostracization. As a Sponsor, you will be funding the monthly visits by a health promoter, lactation support for the mother, and child nutritional supplements as needed to, ultimately, get the child to the surgery(s) that will change their life forever.

Becoming a Guardian Angel allows you to follow a child’s progress through what is typically two cleft surgeries. Guardian Angels will get email reports in English with insight into the child’s life and progress. An individual or a group can hold this sponsorship.

Program stats at a glance

  • There are currently nearly 250* children enrolled in the Cleft Nutrition Program.
  • Children are supported in 17 of 22 rural departments in Guatemala
  • Children remain in the program from 6 to 20 months, depending on surgical needs