Partner for Surgery is on the front lines of medical and surgical care in rural Guatemala, helping impoverished Guatemalans living in remote locations. Tens of thousands of Guatemalan children and their families have received medical attention and health education, and more than 16,000 people have received access to surgery, since Partner for Surgery was founded in 2001.

2020 Highlights

Mobile Medical Missions

683 Evaluated patients
488 Patients identified for surgery

Screening Clinics for Women

623 VIA tests
28 Cryotherapy
31 Breast exams

Surgical Missions

219 surgeries

Cleft Infant Nutrition Program

203 Children enrolled
1170 Home wellness visits by Health Promoters

Mycotoxins Research Study

40 Home visits to Cleft families

COVID-19 Preventive Actions

200 Hygiene kits delivered
200 Basic food packages delivered

2021 Expected Activities

18 Surgical Missions
1100 Surgeries
325 Children enrolled in the Cleft Infant Nutrition Program
2 Mobile Medical Missions

1300 Evaluated Patients
8 Screening Clinics for Women
700 VIA, Cryo, and Breast Exams