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A Bright Hoppe Ahead for Jade

By March 6, 2023Stories

Our commitment to the best possible surgical outcome starts way ahead entering an operating room, and this little girl’s story is a testament to that. Jade is a highly valued stone in Guatemala that symbolizes strength, gentleness, serenity, and harmony. So, when we met little Jade in Ixcan, Quiche, on January 16th, the name of the stone took a different shape in our hearts. This little girl’s character and personality embody the unique qualities of the stone she’s named after.

When Jade was a baby, her mother sought help from unknown doctors on the Mexican border who did not understand how to support her with the proper surgery for her cleft lip. They cut around her nose and sewed it back together when they realized they could not repair her lip. As a result, she has scarring around her nose. The experience has also created an emotional scar around Jade and her family’s hearts. They’ve been too afraid to try again since then.

But this precious girl is very bright. You can see in her eyes that she’s gentle and inquisitive, and even though she is quiet, you can tell her mind is full of many thoughts. Jade’s mom confirms this, as she’s told us she’s always been first in her class and attentive to her studies. She’s always been excited to do her math homework because it has always been her favorite subject. She loves going to school to learn. Unfortunately, her lip condition

has made her short life difficult. At school, many children avoid her because they fear her cleft lip is contagious. Those who are not afraid relentlessly bully her by calling her hurtful names. This situation prompted Jade’s mother to seek help when she heard our rural medical mission was coming to their village this past January.

Yet, because Jade is now eight, she needs special pre-operative care with an orthodontist in Guatemala City before receiving surgery. This treatment is essential as it will determine the success of the surgical intervention ensuring her gums and teeth are pushed back into place so that the tissues around her mouth can be adequately sustained and do not rip apart again. For over six months, Jade and her mom must travel 11 hours from their village to Guatemala City to meet their appointments with a volunteer orthodontist that partners with us with these special cases. We want to help!

Will you consider

joining us on this mission to free this special little girl from the burden of her cleft condition? We are attempting to raise USD4000 to cover their expenses through surgery. Our volunteer orthodontist will donate her time and knowledge. However, Jade and her mom will still need support to help cover travel, food, sleep accommodations, supplies for her mouth therapy, and the surgery that will forever transform her precious life.

HELP US GIVE Jade a chance!