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Oscar Martinez was thrilled when he discovered, two years ago, that he was going to become a father. When Angel was born, however, sadness hit him when he saw that, just like him, his son had cleft lip and cleft palate.

Many years ago, Oscar’s parents struggled to get him to surgery. When they finally did, it was too late and Oscar developed speech problems that marked him for life.

He started to look for help for his son but everything was out of his economic possibilities. Fortunately, through a note in a local newspaper, Oscar learned about us and our programs and emotionally asked us for help.

We are happy to say that our team of volunteers provided the much needed surgeries.

“The hard part is over, now I can enjoy my son. I know that he will have a better life thanks to you and your work”, Oscar said. “We were not fortune to be born without this problem but are very fortunate to have found you because you have changed our lives.”

This is what Partner for Surgery is meant to do, and we can only thank our volunteers and donors to make our goals and our patients’ dreams come true.