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This Mother’s Day we share the story of ACPC Health Promoter Marta de la Cruz. For Marta, helping her mother receive treatment during a PfS medical mission led to her work as a Health Promoter. She told her story to ACPC Director of Operations, Ariel Marroquin (translated and edited for clarity).

How did you hear about the work ACPC and PfS do, and how did it influence you to work in health promotion?

One of the (ACPC) health promoters was in my rural area, promoting a medical mission, so I attended with my mom, who needed treatment for a uterine prolapse. I accompanied her and helped translate, and then I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I also wanted to help children, since I got the opportunity.

Describe your role in a medical mission?

I promote the rural missions in different communities. I help match patients with upcoming surgical missions and help coordinate their treatments. I also visit children every month in the nutritional program.

What do you find most rewarding and challenging?

I love it all. I can’t say that I like rural missions more than surgical missions or I can’t say that I like visiting children more than the missions. I love it all. Getting to know the patients and seeing the reality for many of the patients and children in the nutritional program and then feeling limited (in being able) to help. I wish I could do more for them.

Can you describe a case that impacted you the most?

 A baby named Haden who was in the nutritional program. He had heart problems and cleft lip and palate. Before he could receive plastic surgery, he first needed heart surgery. I was able to help coordinate his heart surgery.  Months later, his cleft lip and palate were corrected. I feel so proud to have been part of Haden’s life and help him receive the care that he needed.

How do you see ACPC/Partner for Surgery helping Guatemalans? 

It’s been an amazing help, and it is a big support for the patients and families. We give them another chance at life. The work is very personal and you work close to the patients. There are many NGOs trying to help, but they leave or move on (after the surgery) and leave the patients alone.

I’m thankful for working with ACPC/PFS and for their help with my mom. I’m blessed to be part of an amazing organization. I see sick patients get better and become healthy.


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This is what your gift to Partner for Surgery can do:

$25 will provide one breast pump and nursing bottle to a new mother
$35 will supply one month of life saving nutrition to a cleft infant
$50 will provide 10 midwives with training on how to care for cleft infants
$100 will screen 10 women for cervical cancer
$200 will cover the cost of surgery to repair a cleft lip or palate
$250 will cover the cost of surgery to repair a hernia
$350 will supply all necessary nutrition to a cleft infant prior to surgery
$750 will nourish a cleft infant for 10 months and cover the cost of 2 surgeries to repair defects
$2,500 will provide logistic support for one rural medical mission