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From Coatepeque, Anita is the mother of two girls while also taking care of her own moder. Years ago, her husband passed away in a bus accident, making her the only one who could provide to her family.

She has had thyroid gland problems for many years. She heard from a local doctor that she had thyroid cancer but he could help her, but it would cost her a lot of money. Anita tried to collect the money but she never came close to being able to afford his help.

Anita attented our clinic day in Coatepeque, where she was seen by Dr. Gosh, an Oncologist from Wales. He referred her to a head and neck surgeon, Dr. MacMullin, who was about to arrive for our surgical mission in a few days.

Dr. MacMullin evaluated her and determined that our team would be able to help her. To Anita, however, it was a challenge to travel from Coatepeque to the city, after giving up hope and afraid to leaving her daughters and mother on their own.

Fortunately, our team was able to show Anita that she could take this opportunity for herself and her family. Thanks to Dr. Dunn, her surgery went great and a clean result came back from the pathology test.

Today Anita is not only thankful for the surgery, but for the opportunity to continue being able to take care of her family.

“Now I can see my daughters graduate from school, get married and eventually take care of my gran babies. I have this opportunity because of you. Thank you.”